Alien abduction! Oh, wait, it’s just arbitration.

Rapid Settlements v. SSC Settlements (Published): Arbitration is a bit like an alien abduction isn’t it?  Well, I suppose if you’re the party that wants arbitration, it’s more akin to the Rapture.  Either way, the parties find themselves transported to another realm.  Leaving those left behind wondering what has happened and what to do.

OK, here’s what I mean:  Here in our legal world, we’ve got our own community with its own rules.  Especially rules about who has enough interest in a matter to be a party to a case.  Not every case is just about the two parties to a written agreement.  There are often cases where third parties also have a big stake in the outcome.  Maybe these third parties intervene in a pending suit.  Maybe they sue in their own right.

But what happens when arbitration comes along like an alien spaceship, zaps the signatories up out of the legal world, and leaves the third parties behind?  This case raises that question.  That’s why it’s a “Case o’ the Year” contender.

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