Tyler before the Supreme Court of Texas

No high court opinions on Tyler cases.  In the order list is a denial of a motion to amended a petition for review as moot.  The case is Willich, a pro se will contest where a disinherited son challenges the Tyler court’s affirmation of his mother’s ability to leave everything to a grandson.  Apparently, the son is fighting this case from jail.  A search for “Willich” cases in the Tyler court turned up a man by the same name whose 18 year sentence for a DWI (there were prior DWIs and a felony burglary of a habitation) was affirmed in 2005.  Willich has been fighting that one pro se on direct appeal and via habeas, with the Court of Criminal Appeals rejecting his latest effort in April of 2008.  Docket sheet here.

OK, no groundbreaking legal stuff here.  Just another example of what goes on in our courts of appeal.

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