I just told her I loved her. And her. And her.

Sawyer v. State (Unpublished Memo): Sawyer, a student at SFA, was convicted of felony stalking of a fellow SFA student.  Sawyer claimed he had no idea his actions would scare his target.  That opened the door to the testimony of two others he had stalked.  The two other victims rebutted Sawyer’s claims.

Incidentally, Sawyer asked the Tyler court to dismiss the charges against him because of an alleged error in the indictment.  The indictment says Sawyer began stalking the victim “on or about” October 21, 2005.  Turns out, the stalking didn’t start until October 31, 2005.  Sawyer would have a beef if the State had manipulated the date in the indictment to get around limitations.  But that wasn’t the case here.  Sawyer’s appeal is dismissed.

On the evidentiary point, compare this to today’s Toliver decision.  In Toliver, a defendant charged with crack dealing rendered evidence of non-charged crack deals inadmissible by strategically narrowing his defenses.

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