If he’s not the face of East Texas, who is?

Think a 75th anniversary gala for a bar association in East Texas sounds dull?  How about this: Former Congressman Charlie Wilson will be the speaker.  Yes, that Charlie Wilson.  Blunt, colorful, and disarmingly funny.  For example, when asked if he was concerned that the movie might oversimplify his legacy, Wilson responded: I’m not a stickler. I’ll take the movie.  It should be a packed house on November 22nd here in Smith County.

If you want to understand East Texas juries, understand this man, and why we elected him time and again.  Seriously, there are others whom I could accept as “The Quintessential East Texan” but I could make the case for Charlie Wilson over all of them.

Congressman Wilson’s address will be given in honor and memory of Judge John H. Hannah, Jr..

Photo credit: Congressional Pictorial Directory, 104th.

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