For those joining us from Chiefs v. Raiders coverage …

As soon as the Fourth of July is over, I’m ready for some football, football, and more football.  There’s nothing surprising about that — lots of people feel the same.  What’s surprising to me is that lots of people (OK, not “lots” by NFL standards, but more than you’d think) have room in their hearts for appellate blogs, appellate blogs, and more appellate blogs.  So in the spirit of those game-to-game segues:

For those of you now joining us from D. Todd Smith’s Texas Appellate Law Blog, welcome to Tyler Appeals!

As Todd indicated in his post welcoming me to the blogosphere, he was a huge help in getting me off the ground.  He generously shared his time and thoughts on blogging. He put me on to LexBlog, the folks who designed and host what you’re looking at right now.  Thanks, Todd. 

While I’m handing out thanks, I also need to thank Don Cruse at his Supreme Court of Texas Blog.  Like Todd, he’s been at this longer than I have.  It really helped get my blog going when he alerted his readers to the appellate outpost in the Pineywoods. 

Most of all, thanks to all of our faithful readers.

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