Constitution Week: Supreme Court of Texas

The Supreme Court of Texas did not issue any opinions this week.  There were no Tyler cases in their orders.  So, as discussed in the Last Word post, there remains only one Tyler case that the Supreme Court of Texas has agreed to hear.  As before, there are 10 other cases from Tyler in various stages of asking to be heard.

September 17th was Constitution Day.  To commemorate the occasion, Justice Willett of the Supreme Court of Texas authored this piece in the Austin American Statesman.  Justice Willett is rightfully proud of his work on the Constitutional Sources Project, an effort to create an authoritative online archive of the documents giving background and context to the United States Constitution.  It’s really amazing.  Not only can you read the Constitution online, but, for each clause, you can click on a link that will take you to sources discussing the clause — sources like the Federalist Papers, James Madison’s Notes of the Constitutional Convention, ratification debates in the state legislatures, etc, etc.  Thanks to Don Cruse for pointing this out.

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