Back to School edition of Tyler before the SCoTX

Twenty two decisions today out of the Supreme Court of Texas.  None in Tyler cases. There was, however, a case involving a Brookshire’s employee out of the Texarkana court.  I may post on that one later.

Even though there were no decisions, there was a fair bit of action on Tyler cases.

The Collins case is set for oral argument on November 12th.

The Geiger v. Williams petition for rehearing was denied.

The Walter mandamus out of Smith County was denied (that one had bypassed the Tyler court and gone straight to Austin).

Addicks has expressed an intent to file a petition for review of the Tyler court’s decision in his prisoner’s civil rights case.

Sembera’s petition for review has been filed in the PetroFac case.

And though it’s not a Tyler case per se, it’s definitely worth noting that the Entergy case is set for oral argument on October 16th.  The outcome of Entergy could impact Tyler’s Petrofac and City of Athens v. MacAvoy cases.

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