Why good writing is essential …

Pause for a second to estimate how much attention the trial judge will give your case.  Now look at the average time Texas trial judges actually spent in 2007:

Felony Group A: 186 minutes
Felony Group B: 39 minutes
Misdemeanors: 12 minutes
Injury or Damage – MV: 126 minutes
Injury or Damage – Non MV: 122 minutes
Contract: 53 minutes
Other Civil: 27 minutes
Divorce: 47 minutes
Modifications/Enforcements: 33 minutes
Other Family Law: 48 minutes
Delinquent Conduct: 54 minutes
Need for supervision (CINS): 14 minutes

Puts a premium on clear and precise briefing, doesn’t it?

I got these figures from Scott Henson’s Grits for Breakfast blog, where he offers his analysis of the National Center for State Court’s June 2008 publication, Measuring Current Judicial Workload in Texas, 2007.

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